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Komodo Art

The Navigation Error

The Navigation Error

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The Navigation Error

The base of this piece was originally designed by Ars Moriendi and then modified into this work of art by the Pres Prestige Collection. It is a marvelous & unique eye catcher for any home or man cave.

The Prestige Edition of The Navigation Error is casted in a super-high quality epoxy resin which permanently seals the scene in this pristine cube. The landscape is crafted around the skull and pieced together in a multi-phase process that takes two weeks to complete. A microfiber cleaning cloth is included to maintain a perfect finish on the exterior this artwork. 

Total Creation Time: 100 Hours
Dimensions: 8"x8"x8"
Weight: 12lbs

While it is up to each individual owner of this artwork to create a story behind the skull, we believe it belonged to someone who ventured off on a solo adventure and never made it back home. This person faced a variety of life threatening challenges and unfortunately failed to defeat them. A lonesome tragedy that left this person to be overcome by the natural elements of the biome they had entered, and were then forgotten forever. 
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